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RE: Light bulb moment

It was never designed for Rapid charging - it already copes with Fast charging (and even calls it 'accelerated'). Where did you find any negativity about the Fluence? If it is only about the lack of Rapid charging, then it wasn't missold - it didn't supposedly need it due to the battery swap process, that failed wherever it was tried.

The chances of upgrading just won't fly - the wiring cannot handle it, and the battery lease prevents you from going the DIY route until the battery is yours.

As for other EV's, they are just runabouts - EUp and Leaf are boxes on wheels, yes they may support Chademo for rapid charging, but that standard has been discontinued in favour of CCS, so a lot of EV users will e hacked off when they cannot rapid charge due to the tethered leads being removed!
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