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RE: Light bulb moment

Yes, I broadly agree. I basically accept the Fluence for what it is - a brilliant car that has a small (for me) limitation in the form of a lack of rapid charging. Even if there was a solution out there I probably wouldn't entertain the likely cost/risk.

That said, it is interesting to speculate and the fact that there is basically the same car out there which appears to be more or less identical but for the incorporation of rapid charging, makes it quite a tantalising question. I wonder if one day second-hand SM3s might make it to the UK as cheap imports? How great would that be if they came batteries included (I have no idea whether Samsung sell the car outright or with a battery lease in Korea)? LHD might make imports less likely I suppose.

That said, I don't find the Fluence's charging speeds so desperately bad when hooked up to a proper Mennekes Type 2 socket at 7kW at home or at a public charging station. Well at least not compared with the three-pin lead alternative!
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