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RE: Light bulb moment

Originally Posted by beaty68
Originally Posted by pauldb38
[...]range extending on the fluence, this involved a honda generator although it works it kinda defeats the object as the generator was powered by petrol.
So the petrol is the additional, highly concentrated energy you got on board, besides the electric energy in the battery.

Originally Posted by pauldb38
But the fluence or any ev for that matter already generates the movement so attaching a generator that took force from the ev would make more sense ?
NO, that would make no sense at all. Cause the amount of energy you got from the generator is smaller than the additional energy you have to feed to the motor due to the additional generator load. Overall efficiency of inverter-motor-generator-inverter is smaller than 100%, whereas the perpetuum mobile we'd need to make this configuration work needed to have an overall efficiency >=100%. Which is not possible unfortunately.

So it would merely be an expensive "range reducer" in the end (that's the reason nobody does it btw ;-)
No this has been done i think the overall range with the honda generator and a fluence was about 350 miles.

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