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Charging in the rain ? ev charging bay ?

Using the 3 pin wall plug charger at a pod point station in the rain do you cover the box up or is it water proof ? I put a plastic bag over mine but on my return it was gone which is strange cause i made a small hole in the bag to put the plug through so there no reason why it would be off.

Or is it revenge from a leaf driver i had words with? Couple of days ago whilst in waitrose a leaf driver drove up parked his car in a charging bay without connecting up, as someone was waiting to get in as its only a 2 port bay, i said to the guy your not leaving your leaf unplugged are you. He said i have as much right to park here even if i'm not charging and walked into store. I didn't think this was right or fair but wondered if this was a rule so i asked the manager who took his reg called him over the store pa, said to him if your not charging move your car as someone is waiting to get in, he wasn't happy and rather red faced lol.
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