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RE: Help installing a Better Place charger

Originally Posted by Buzby
/it appears you are using a 3phase charger, but only using a single phase (L1) in order to charge. Of course, the Fluence cannot accept a rapid charge, so it would appear the device you have either randomly selects a phase to use, or has the ability to merge all three. BP was really set up to charge battery packs off-vehicle.... have you a picture of it?
Thanks for the reply! I managed to connect the device to the electricity just fine, as well as to mount it on the wall.

Apparently, the station uses 16 amps, but it is alterable to 10 amps, but the change "must" be done by the company that services the charging stations over here (Israel) -- Gnrgy (of course, for a fee).

As soon as I figure out how to get photos on here, I'll post them.


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