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Prospective new Fluence owner

Hello to the forum,

registered only today, but have been reading for like a year.

I am from germany and very into electric driving.
I couldn't withstand to buy a Peugeot Ion and love to drive it every day.
However it is a little bit minimalist, hence I also look into something more generous.

When looking into the sales situation here in germany it is not that enlighting.
Especially as I would like to have a fluence in full outfit !leather! and no stripped down version.
As far as I can see, nearly all UK fluences have the optional real leather trim.

As for usage on the continent atleast the headlight will have to be exchanged, this will rule out any Leaf, Zoe.

So if anyone is interested in a good offer on a fluence, feel free to contact me.


PS: body colours in descending order of preference are black, white, silver, blue
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