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RE: Fluence - asset or liability?

I loved, loved our fluence, beautiful car and smooth to drive. We have been all over the country in it, with clever planning for charging. 60 - 70 miles in the winter at most, and 121 range we've had in the summer.

biggest problem, i bumped it in february, damage all front end, not a huge crash but due to the parts not readily available, it was quoted 4000 damage, so our insurance company wrote it off and offered us 3250 for it. what they didn't cost was the battery, which adds another 4000 to the vehicle. would they have written it off if they fully understood e.v's? Im not so sure, as now, nearly 5 months later, we are still to reach a settlement figure, because as you mentioned in your post, the insurance do not want to pay that 2000 to send the battery to france, even if there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, they point blank are refusing to pay it. which leaves us where? unable to buy another vehicle as we are still paying out for this one until it is settled!

I just want to make you aware of this, as much as I loved our fluence and it has served us well for 4 years, they are very complicated insurance wise, and insurance just do not know how to deal with them.
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