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RE: Are there any 3rd party Twizy batteries?

Originally Posted by JensenBreck

I'd need to take it on the motorway every day, so I need at least 60 miles range at its top speed! C'mon people, make me one, please!! When you consider that the Twizy's mi/kWh is essentially the same as VW's XL1 at 20 times the price, you wonder what ground the XL1 actually broke?
Has anyone here 'hypermiled' a Twizy to figure out its absolute limit of range?

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Might be better on a Twizy site try they have benn around before the Twizy hit the UK.

As the Twizy was not sold in great numbers in the UK there has never been an appetite to build a battery bank to sell on. However it has benn done in Germany and kenith who sells the power box for the Twizy made his own

Power box allows you to reprogram the power,speed and regent to what ever you fancy but it then helps by checking the motor temp etc. Std Twizy 52mph with the box you can do 60plus but the main thing is the increase pick up.
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