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RE: Black Fluence ZE

I couldn't see the photo, but black sounds nice.

I've been in Europe recently and saw quite a few 'regular' ICE Fluences in different colours. But the shorter car looks very different, so I don't think I can tell whether a 'good' colour for the shorter one works for the longer ZE. The ZE seems a much bigger car close up than the regular Fluence - is the bodywork 'wider' too?

Personally, I like the light metallic blue. The press cars were all silver and blue. I had to pick between two cars, and I am glad I picked the blue one - when I went back to collect the car, the silver was sitting in a row of other likewise colourless cars and looked quite bland. Black, white, silver - nice on their own but it makes for quite a dull (dare I say, depressing) sight when I walk out into the car park at work on a dull UK day and it's like looking at the world in black and white!!!

I bought a bright 'lemon' yellow Fabia some years back for the wife, and it was a really lovely colour. In a sea of dull car colours, it was like a smartie had jumped out of its packet to brighten up the place. Unfortunately the colour clearly put off buyers when we came to sell it, and we paid dearly for that colour!

Also had a black Octavia, and it sold on the first day of advertising at the full asking price. Black is a strong resale colour. Good choice, I'd say.
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