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RE: second hand Renault Fluence ZE

As there are only about sixty left in the UK (I have one) the Fluence is now a super rare commodity. It's a perfectly servicable car of course, so I wouldn't suggest we lock them away and wait for the price to go up, but rarely drives the old-bangers market for Ferraris and Maseratis like nothing else. Whether early successes in the the electric car market will stir the souls of the 'classic' car buyers is doubtful, they tend to be an archaic bunch themselves, and seem to prefer their old stuff to be as undemanding as possible.

So back to plan A. Use the Fluence for its original purpose as a local car without any pretentious notions. It's smooth, powerful, gorgeous to look at and comfortable. It's also easy to use and very, very cheap to operate. I fully expect mine to romp effortlessly to 200,000 miles, possibly without needing to change the brakes.

I'm really not surprised that the trickle onto eBay and Autotrader seem to have dried up. It's a young wine to enjoy now, and keep for the long term
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