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Deejay 12-21-2012 06:30 AM

British Gas - Avoid
Hi all,

Don't get British Gas to install your charger.

British Gas are Renault's appointed partner for the installation of home charge points. After finally getting monthly payments prices for the Zoe, I next went to get a charger installation quote so I can finally conclude if the Zoe will be affordable for me.

About a month ago I called their EV charge hotline, given to me by Renault, three days consecutively before I got an appointment. Each day either no-one answered the call, or the person that planned engineer visits was busy and didn't return my call despite repeated assurances that they would.

On the third day they arranged an appointment despite not being able to speak to the person they said they needed to. It was for a month's time (today) which was less than ideal, but it was the soonest they could do and I booked the day off work.

A week ago I called to check the appointment was still on. Definitely still on, they said.

At the beginning of the week I got an SMS assuring me the appointment was still on.

Yesterday I got an SMS assuring me the appointment was still on.

Today I got a phone call telling me the appointment was cancelled, and they couldn't tell me when a new one would be made. They refused to put me through to the manager of the department (despite the fact the poor member of the staff who had to deal with me was putting me on hold to talk to them, so they clearly were available), and said I'd get a call back to explain the situation.

I called the EV charge point installation number, explained the utter unacceptability of the situation, and couldn't get anything other than an assurance I would be called back.

I have not yet been called back, and now I've lost a day's annual leave from work because of the epic ineptitude of British Gas.

I'd urge you all to not waste your time handing over cash to such a disorganised bunch.

Deejay 12-21-2012 07:20 AM

RE: British Gas - Avoid
Can anyone recommend an alternative charge-point installation company? Google searches are turning up very little!

Andrew*Debbie 12-21-2012 08:59 PM

RE: British Gas - Avoid
Try contacting Zero Carbon World. They don't install but may be able to help you find a competent installer.

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