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william 01-20-2014 05:50 AM

Shocking battery
Just found a figure for the real cost of a complete battery for a ZE. This information is for the Korean Samsung version of the car whose LG battery pack is priced at $20, 803. Roughly 12500 by my estimate. The LG pack is rated at 24kW.

While the Renault version seems to have stopped, the Korean version (with a more traditional front styling) expects to sell 4000 units in 2014. Still a very low figure for a mass produced car, unless they are only ever intended to be practically hand-built? I've failed to confirm whether the Samsung has faster charging. If so, and if they do a rhd version, maybe we might see a few imported.

Of course, my information may be out of date. It really annoys me that si much internet material is not dated.

GrumpyCabbie 01-20-2014 07:11 AM

RE: Shocking battery
Well it seems overpriced as the Leaf 24 kwh battery is reported to cost about 5,000. The price difference between the two options of buying in full 21,000 and buying the battery on lease 16,000 also seems to reflect this.

I think the figure of 12,000 is nonsense in the same way people still report that the HV battery in my Prius will cost 5,000, when in fact they're about 1,500.

With HV battery technology changing rapidly, costs are falling and news even a year or two will quickly be out of date.

donald 01-21-2014 07:24 AM

RE: Shocking battery
You could link to the reference, maybe there is something not quite right about it. (Is it US dollars, for example?)

The Samsung battery is supposed to be a larger battery than the Fluence, AFAIK, because some of that extra space there to accommodate battery changing can now be filled with extra batteries.

Yes, the SM3 will come with the Renault Chameleon charger, not sure if that is 22 or 43kW but is still 'quick'!

It has been said that Renault have stopped selling the Fluence. That may or may not be true, because Renault have said they're stopping making it in Europe. But what might be happening is that the car is made in Korea instead and they import it. With a big battery and fast charging, it might start selling. Maybe better here if they sell it with the battery, though. I don't know renault's current model plans, but they may well be ramping down Fluence manfacture generally in Turkey (it is also an ICE car) and so this might have always been the plan.

GrumpyCabbie 01-22-2014 06:02 PM

RE: Shocking battery
I fear the Fluence is dead in the water. Renault will not import a car from Korea as it's just not their style. The French unions probably wouldn't allow it.

Renault have just mishandled the EV roll out completely and the lack of outright purchase was an important factor to many. Nissan seem to be selling the Leaf quite well (though still below forcasts), yet the Fluence bombed and looks a nicer car in many ways.

Hopefully the recovering economy may mean people are more likely to take a 'gamble' on an EV.

william 01-23-2014 03:37 AM

RE: Shocking battery
I don't quite see how the French unions could take offence, unlike the Zoe the Fluence has never been built in France and inporting from Turkey or Korea shouldn't make a difference. It's possible the SM3 is LHD only

GrumpyCabbie 01-23-2014 12:53 PM

RE: Shocking battery
Good point. It's unlikely they're going to bother type approving the Samsung when the Turkish one would have been fine. I guess they only stopped production because sales have been poor.

Shame, nice car.

donald 01-23-2014 06:28 PM

RE: Shocking battery
Well, Malaysia was one of the new launch countries for the Fluence ZE last year, late 2013, and that's a RHD market. So is Japan, of course, and there may be a ready market there for something 'not Japanese' which is often what the Japanese like! Lots of Japanese will consider the Leaf very uncool because it is Japanese!

I have long suspected that the UK Fluence ZEs that have gone missing off VOSA's database (about 10 since last year) were shipped to Malaysia as demonstrators. I can't make any other sense of it as I doubt Renault would actually scrap RHD cars when there is a launch going on in another RHD country. So I'd be pretty sure Korea will make RHD cars.

GrumpyCabbie 01-24-2014 07:43 AM

RE: Shocking battery
The Fluence doesn't appear on the Malaysian Renault website. I do wonder if the Malaysian version will be subject to the HV battery rental or whether you buy the car in full?

donald 01-24-2014 12:53 PM

RE: Shocking battery
Just a trial at this stage, I think. A selected allotment of gov and private folks, rather than sale at this point.

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