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Buzby 04-12-2014 03:42 AM

Blame Game
You may recall I handed back my Twizy in February in exchange for a Fluence. My February battery payment took place on the day the Twizy went back. RCI did promise a refund so I waited for this.

Spin forward to March, RCI take two debits, one for the Fluence and the other for the Twizy - so I had now overpaid by 90. I then cancelled the DDM to see if this would make them realise their error.

Did it? Not a chance! I get a form letter from RCI noting that I am still under contract and listing 5 options in explanation - none of which were relevant:

1) You may be in the process of changing one vehicle for another (perhaps 2 months ago, but not now).

2) You may have changed banks

3) You think you have made your last payment

4) You are having trouble paying monthly rentals

5) You have no idea why your Mandate has been cancelled

I love how they don't bother with:

6) You have no reason to pay, but we still want your money

Phoned RCI via Renault HQ's normal number (I'm not calling any 0871 code) and was told the reason the contracts wasn't cancelled was because they have had no paperwork from the dealer. I said this wasn't my problem as I sent them my signed transfer - if the dealer hadn't done their bit it was not of my concern.

They then explained until their process was complete, my liability remained. I responded that they were entitled to their opinion but I had cancelled the mandate and would not be making any more payments. As I had discharged my liability, and was already paying for the Fluence battery, their process was unreasonable. The best I got was they'd chase the dealership (Renault Manchester).

I phoned the salesman there, who said all the paperwork had been completed and had no idea what RCI were supposedly expecting - however they would call them immediately.

We'll see what pans out - I'm just about to write to reject their written assertion, and give them 28 days to refund my 90 before interest applied. I don't expect a reply based on earlier mail being ignored, but perhaps they'll surprise me?!

donald 04-12-2014 04:39 AM

RE: Blame Game
I found out who said "we don't have a blame culture", and had him sacked.


william 04-12-2014 04:44 AM

RE: Blame Game
I rejected my first car as "unfit for purpose". Maybe you could do the same, reject RCI as "unfit for purpose"?

Buzby 04-12-2014 10:04 AM

RE: Blame Game

Should we run a poll? No bets on the result though!

william 05-31-2014 04:02 AM

RE: Blame Game
Buzby, how is your dispute with RCI going? Did you ever get a refund or are they blundering on in their usual way? I suppose, to the honest, they work so slowly they probably haven't done anything yet......

Buzby 05-31-2014 10:30 AM

RE: Blame Game
Ongoing - I've been on holiday the last couple of weeks, but the current state of play is this:

Correspondence - None. Nothing heard from Renault Manchester or RCI, however the computer generated threatograms ceased with that single RCI letter telling me I had to set up a new DDM to continue paying the Twizy lease.

DVLA - No confirmation that they had processed my V5C change of Keeper. Phoned them yo discover it had been done in March, but I had received no notification. A duplicate was promised, and a I received thin in early May.

Refund - with RCI owing me 90.00 I wrote asking for a refund with all speed. One month on, there has been no refund, reply or even acknowledgment. That is three letters (on various matters) I've sent to RCI's HQ and has silence. In June I'll follow this up with a Letter Before Action and a Small Claims track pursuit.

So nothing of import - but at least the Fluence is being reliable!

donald 05-31-2014 12:38 PM

RE: Blame Game

Originally Posted by Buzby
at least the Fluence is being reliable!

... for now!

We appear to have had much better luck than the Leaf guys, but it is a statistically small sample. I still concern myself.

Noticed the exhaust has started blowing on the Espace. 'Phoned around and got quotes around 100 mark or less. Not OEM stuff no doubt but still gets the car repaired. I can deal with that. It's just not a cost I am going to lose sleep on.

Now, I cannot imagine a repair on the Fluence's drive-train that could possibly cost only 100. So what does the future hold... hmmmm....

Eep 05-31-2014 04:06 PM

RE: Blame Game
You may recall I also became entangled in the vast incompetence machinery at RCI, and to cut a long angry story short they put red 'in arrears' markers on my credit profile as a result. I won't go into detail, unless anyone else finds themselves in a similar predicament and needs advice, but to say I wasn't best pleased is an understatement.

And it was only by chance that I discovered what they'd done, as I'd signed up for a free account with Noddle only weeks before. "We just wanted to let you know that your updated credit report is ready for you to review," said the email. "Oh great," said I.

After more emails and phone calls to RCI than was strictly necessary, I have since had my profile returned to how it has always been my entire life, but what grates is that had I not noticed the issue there is no doubt I would have had a nasty shock some months down the line. Nobody told me. And it would have required a whole lot more effort to put things right, as time would have dulled my memory of who said what, when and why.

Not the experience I imagined I'd have owning my first ever Renault, is it. And those boneheads wonder why they're not selling so many cars any more.

Next car? Will NOT be a Renault :rolleyes:

Buzby 06-01-2014 03:23 AM

RE: Blame Game
Oh I wouldn't trust RCI - as my company pays the battery my personal file is unaffected. That said, it is a scandal that firms now abuse the system, preferring to use late payment markers and self-generated defaults instead of justly processed CCJs.

We have the CRA's to blame for this though, not RCI!

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