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william 08-10-2014 03:45 AM

Never Ending Charge
Not wanting to plug my car in overnight in case there was a thunderstorm I decided to give it a quick daytime charge from my wall charger. Plugging it in it estimated 5hrs 15 minutes from quarter full (rather longer than I had expected).

After just over 5 hours the dash was indicating another hour and a half to go. The android app says I was on 99% with 101 mile range. I waited until just under 6 hours and checked the app, still on 99% and not updated since the last reading.

As I needed to use the car I decided to cut the charge short at that point. At first the connector would not release from the car and the charger still indicated charging. The dash readout was now blank so the car thought it had stopped. I eventually got the cable free. The car's computer said I now had 106 miles range.

I never received notification from Renault that the charge had stopped.

I do wonder, as I usually use the 10A cable for charging, whether this cable does not trigger cell balancing and whether by using the wall charger the car was undergoing a lengthy balancing procedure to catch up, having not done it for months? Any thoughts?

Interestingly the 106 estimate is way over previous figures which might bear out my theory and could explain why, when I got the car I wsas achieving this sort of figure but so far this summer I have been 10 miles down on range per charge.

donald 08-10-2014 06:22 AM

RE: Never Ending Charge
Yes. Almost certainly cell balancing.

I can't really see why it would not do cell balancing off the 10A lead but it is quite possible they have programmed it that way.

..and, yes, after cell balancing you can expect a better range. If you have been doing only part-charges for a while you need to do a 'full' charge and let it dwell so that the cells have a chance to fully balance. You only get the benefit of the least charged cell!

The thing I don't understand is why you say you could not release the lead from the car. Makes no sense. The only thing holding it on the car is the top clip that is mechanical and you press that button yourself. The only thing to stop you releasing it is a metal rod that activates just above the clip with the central locking. Was the car unlocked when you tried to remove the lead? If so, take a look to make sure the metal bar has withdrawn and then there is nothing preventing you releasing the clip.

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